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Lisa L. Love, Therapist

800 Werner Court, 
Suite 205 D & E  
Casper, WY
"Foundations of Hope, Health, and Wellness, LLC"
"Living For A Change"

Professional Counseling & Therapy Services

Adolescents, Adults, Families & Groups





Congratulations for taking the first step toward re-defining your life and start living for a change!  Whether you are experiencing a challenging life event or desire to increase your personal growth and reach a higher potential, Lisa invites you to join her in exploring how you can overcome any challenge that life presents and improve the quality of your life.  Lisa desires to help you develop an understanding and meaning of what your needs are, how to navigate and manage those needs, and abound with harmony, balance, growth, and resilience. 
Everyone experiences challenging moments and events during life; no person is immune.  Life has a constant flow of energy between the inner self and the external environment.  Life presents everyone with constant change which demands adjustment.  Life is a meaningful journey rather than a series of meaningless destinations.  The paths along the way are many.  In the midst of this journey, Lisa inspires you to choose the path that will lead to a meaningful, healthy and balanced continuation of the journey and life, empowering you with awareness, insight and capacity to navigate the journey with sustainable growth and resiliency.   

Your well-being and growth is Lisa's mission.  The human spirit is the core of our being. Together, through a goal-oriented process, we can create meaning and enable you to live a quality life, with resilience. 

                             "Without change, there would be no butterflies." - Walt Disney
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