Contact Information:

Lisa L. Love, Therapist

800 Werner Court'
Suite 205 D & E
Casper, Wyoming


Appointments are being accepted Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Early morning and evening appointments are available upon request.   Seminars may be scheduled and formatted to meet specific and unique needs.  PsychEd classes are offered at scheduled times. 

This is a private practice which affords you the highest regard for the quality of your life, well-being, privacy and confidentiality. 

45-50 minute is $80.00.
75-80 minutes is $120.00

PsychEd/Group Sessions:
120 minutes is $25.00 per session, per person; PreRegistration and PrePay required.   

The Spoken Word:  Creative Expressions (Poetry and Lyrics); Celebrating Life (5 Stages of Grief and Loss); Pain Management; and M&Ms (Mindfulness, Meaningfulness and Manageability)

Accepted methods of payment are cash and credit card - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Bank Debit.

Your quality of life, well-being and preservation of privacy and confidentiality are the overall goals, which are worthy of an investment. 

**Please note:  If you use email to make an appointment, information may not be protected.  Please leave only your first name and preferred method of contact.  Lisa will contact you to set an appointment. 

Insurance Accepted:
BC&BS ~ WY; currently.

Benefits of Private Pay:
Private pay affords you the highest level of regard for your privacy and confidentiality.  
No information will be released to anyone without prior written consent and discussion of content by you.  However, there are exceptions to the privilege of privacy and confidentiality, as required by law.  These exceptions are explained in the privacy agreement and discussed at your initial session. 

How does private pay afford you the highest regard for privacy and confidentiality?

As a third party payer source, insurance companies have the right to request records.  In order for a provider of services to receive reimbursement, insurance companies require a code and may require a mental health diagnosis code.  Insurance companies also have the right to request records.  A mental health diagnosis becomes a permanent part of your record which may create a "label"  or "stigma" of a mental health disorder.  Sessions and content may be restricted or may have limitations.  Access to your records are accessible by employees of the insurance company and acting third party payers, thereby compromising your right to privacy and confidentiality.  

If you are a member of an EAP, Employer Assistance Program, your employer may have access to your records.  



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