Contact Information:
Lisa L. Love, Therapist

800 Werner Court
Suite 205 D & E
Casper, Wyoming 


Lisa offers services for adolescents, adults, families and groups. 

Specializing In:

Pain Management
Brain Injury (Result of Stroke, Heart Attack or Accident Trauma)
Depression and Anxiety
Drug and Alcohol
Grief and Loss
Change and Adjustment
Poetry Therapy
Resiliency Training
Life Skills
Educational Seminars

Speak Easy the "Spoken Word"

PsychEd classes are being offered at $25.00 per session; six to ten members.  Groups meet once a week for 90 minutes.  Length of groups are 8 weeks.  Pre-Registration/PrePay is required, please contact Lisa for more details.  It's an interactive classroom process to learn and understand the dynamics of human experiences. 

Creative Expressions ~ Exploring and Identify Meaning through the "Spoken Word" 
This group helps to reduce stress, tension, anxieties and depression and provides an understanding of the human experiences.  

Pain Management ~ Defining and overcoming emotions/feelings, thoughts and responses to pain. 
This group helps people to understand what pain management is and what it is not; how to overcome pain and live life with pain, and to embrace "living for a change".  

M&Ms ~ Mindfulness, Meaningfulness, and Manageability
The group explores values and redefines life, how to live healthy and well, with balance, harmony and growth.  

Celebrating Life ~ 5 Stages of Grief and Loss; when a loved one transitions to their eternal journey.
This group helps to define the stages of grief, redefines the experience of loss, and helps to regain celebrating life; memorializing the loved one's life.   

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